Smart Lock Installation Service WiFi, Bluetooth, Fingerprint Devices & More in Long Island, NY

Have you forgotten your keys at work? Don’t fret!

After a long day of work, it’s only natural to forget some things at work. Luckily for you, technology has made sure that you can still access your home. Even after forgetting the one vital thing that could make you take a dull ride back to work; your keys; you can still access your home. We offer smart lock installation service for wifi, Bluetooth, fingerprint devices & more.

With this, you do not have to remember your keys anymore. Once we install the smart lock, you can access your premises with the touch of a button. It also notifies you in case you forget to lock the door. At the touch of a button, you can easily restore the security of your home. 


Additionally, when you have surprise visitors or unexpected guests and are away from home, all they need to do is ring you for you to allow them access. Smart Lock technology guarantees the best security, even with a change of ownership. This makes it convenient for businesses and other rental properties, where you can change the password as tenants change. With a smart lock; you get one primary advantage: Freedom!

Accessing your home will be as easy as carrying your touchpad or smartphone. This way, you can go wherever you want, at any time you want without being tied to your keys. Continue reading to find out more about our smart lock installation service for WiFi, Bluetooth, fingerprint devices & more. 



How Do Smart Locks Work?

There are different kinds of smart locks, all of which work differently. Some may even require additional accessories for them to function. One thing that is common in all, is that they will give unprecedented convenience and security. Personal preference determines the choice of brand, but with us, you get the most superior options. 

Some of the popular types include the Keypad, WiFi, and Bluetooth smart locks. Keypad smart locks use a pin or code to open up a door. They are convenient for businesses and landlords since they can be programmed to have multiple pins. On average, they cost from $100 to $200. 

Network security concept. Cyber protection. Anti virus software.

Another premium type is the WiFi smart lock. They use your household’s WiFi connectivity to work. Such locks allow other smart devices to connect too since they use online apps to operate. They are better than the keypad since they mostly come with the option of voice commands and geofencing. On average, the cost ranges from $200 to $300. 

Last is the Bluetooth smart lock which uses Bluetooth connectivity to open a door. The only disadvantage of this one would be the limited range since you have to be within close proximity. It, however, offers more security than the WiFi lock and has longer battery life. Some may also come with geofencing and voice command options. On average it costs $200-$300.

There are many more smart lock technologies, but these are the most popular. We offer installation services for Bluetooth and WiFi smart locks since they are long-lasting, convenient, and easy to use. With our installation, you’re guaranteed the best brand available for smart locks. 


The Installation Process

Installing a smart lock is a fairly easy process, with the right hands on deck. It could take a total of 30 minutes, or an hour depending on the type of smart lock. The complexity also depends on the compatibility with the existing door lock. 

While some require a simple swap of the outer escutcheons on the door, others require more. These may not be compatible with the interior door lock mechanism. This means that we have to swap out all parts and install new ones. Apart from removing the outer strike plate and deadbolts, we will also unscrew inner parts. 

After all the incompatible old lock features are out, the new ones come in. We mount the internal parts, screw them, then add the new escutcheons. From here, we set up the WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as applications required. This only takes a few minutes, and the homeowner enters the password for maximum privacy. 


What are the Advantages of Smart Lock Installation? 

All smart locks have one superior advantage; convenience. Depending on the individual features, other advantages include:

-You can unlock the door even when you are away to let surprise guests in. 

-After shopping, you can unlock the door with your hands full. 

-You keep a record of all persons who access your door. 

-No more forgetting keys at work, or at a food joint. 

-Some smarts lock also integrate switching on the lights and heater when opened. 

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Are There Any Disadvantages to Smart Lock Installation?

The obvious threat to all smart systems is a breach of security through hacking. Besides this, the battery wears out with time. When these locks come into contact with ice or water, the biometric system may malfunction. Finally, with power and internet outages, they may malfunction. 

Despite this, however, most of these cons are manageable and can easily be overcome. The convenience, after all, outweighs the cause for concern. That said, we recommend smart lock systems to our clients. 


Choosing a Location

Most smart locks are used for the main front and backdoors since the concern is security from strangers. They are, however, also convenient in rooms that need a high level of security. Such rooms include master bedrooms, basements, and garages. 


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