Mechanical Door Lock Installation & Shabbat Door Lock Service Long Island, NY

We have all found ourselves in tricky or impossible situations that make us crave help desperately. For instance, locking yourself out of your own house can be quite frustrating and this requires immediate response to remedy the situation. Once you find yourself in such situations what do you do? Most people tend to panic and resolve to breaking in forcefully, this should not be the first case scenario because once this happens the lock may end up damaged completely. This is especially so with mechanical door locks & Shabbat door locks. If you need to install the mechanical door lock, then you need to have the right locksmith for the job. This ensures that it is installed professionally and that any problems that you may have in the future can be handled by the same locksmith. 

Getting the right locksmith is key to ensuring your mechanical door lock installation is done properly. Make the right move and contact Long Island 24/7 Locksmith. This will be the first step towards making sure that the mechanical locks are installed properly and also to solving your lock-related problems.

We have expert locksmiths that do mechanical door lock installation for residential as well as commercial properties. We can advise you on the best type of mechanical lock to install depending on the level of security you need for the property. Our vast knowledge in mechanical door locks is unmatched, which means that choosing us guarantees that you will have a lock that will last, installed by experts. You can rest assured that it will be durable and reliable. It will also not give you any problems after installation.

If you want a keyless mechanical door lock in Long Island, NY, we can install this for you. We will provide you with any information you need to make sure that you choose a lock that suits you. We are also aware of the recent technology used in installing locks to ensure that they are completely secure and not easy to pick. This way, your security is guaranteed. If you plan to install the traditional mechanical lock, we can also do this for you. The wide range of options available in the market requires you to read extensively before picking. Thankfully, our team is there to help always.

Mechanical Door Lock Installation & Shabbat Door Lock Service in Long Island, NY


Why Choose Us

Below are some of the benefits you stand to gain once you contact our professional team.

Immediate Response

When it comes to us, we are mainly focused on saving time. Once you contact us, expect that our team will arrive at your house in the shortest amount of time possible to solve your lock-related problems as quickly as possible. If you need the previous lock changed and a mechanical door lock installed, we can promise that this is something that we will do fast and effectively. Should there be an issue with the mechanical door lock installation, we will communicate this to you and come up with suitable solutions. Either way, at the end of the day you are guaranteed a swift and efficient installation.


Experienced And Skilled

We have been doing mechanical door lock installations for numerous clients over the years. Our experience is a key part of what we do because that means we know the ins and outs of every mechanical lock in the market. Recently, most homes have invested in high-grade security systems that are quite complicated to unlock once you have lost the key. Our technicians are fully aware of this recent upgrade in technology and indeed our team has mastered the art of unlocking these locks.

We can install the most secure locks skillfully to ensure that you will have a reliable lock. Mechanical locks need to be installed skillfully because poor installation can cause problems such as the lock jamming or failing to lock properly. We know how to get it working properly and we are always accessible and available in case you need any changes made.



This means that the company will fully take responsibility if any damage occurs during the installation. At this locksmith company, we are fully insured for general liability. Once any damage occurs during the job we fully assume responsibility and ensure that we fix everything at our own cost. That means that the price will not go up for damages that are not your fault.



Our team is full of qualified and highly experienced locksmiths with years of experience dealing with all sorts of lock-related problems. We have the right tools and equipment to handle different types of systems may it be in offices, vehicles, or even homes. Our team is extremely professional and does a job that all clients can appreciate because of the great quality we provide. We communicate all the details concerning the installation so that the client can be aware of every step of the process.

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Solid Reputation

We have worked with numerous clients that can attest to the integrity of our company and our work. We are always looking to get new clients and have a great professional relationship with them. Furthermore, we always use the best quality locks and provide the services at an affordable cost. Our record shows the great quality and professional installation and repairs that we give to our esteemed customers.


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