Master Key Systems Make for a Lot of Convenience

A security locking system in which every lock can be opened with one single key is called a master key system. Every single lock will, in addition, have its own individual key that can open only that lock and none of the other locks in the system.

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Master key systems are very advantageous for large buildings with a single owner or administrator, as then this authorized person can enter any of the rooms under his control and gain access to it. You can even have a master key for each floor, that will open only the locks on that floor, while the grand master key can open all locks on every floor. This can be of great help in hotels where each floor has its own staff with responsibilities for rooms only on that floor. It is also possible to design master key systems for a particular group of doors, like when an area is let out to a single entity.

The maximum size of any particular master key system depends on the pin chambers in the lock and the type of lock.

While there are definite advantages to having a master key system for, it must be understood that large master systems are less secure, and security decreases as more locks are added to any system. Therefore, there is often a protocol in place in buildings that have master keys. These keys are kept in very secure locations, and their use often needs authorization from responsible persons.

Electronic master keys can grow much larger than mechanical systems as they are not restricted by pins or other factors

It is easy to add or make changes to these systems. Electronic door locks can be wired, where the communication takes place through a hard wire in the lock. In wireless locks, the power comes from the key. Locks can be changed and moved easily as the key is controlled through a control computer and software.

Master systems can be installed in homes as well as large buildings. It, however, makes sense to use this system only for internal doors and allow the outer main entrance door to have a lock that is more secure and responds only to its original key. It is important that master keys are always kept in a safe location and access allowed only to people who can be trusted implicitly.

A master key system brings many advantages with it and allows the setting up of a secure, well-ordered and logical key system.

There is no more any need to maintain a large number of duplicate keys for each door, tagging them and keeping them safe. You have a single key that opens all doors, and if a particular key is lost and needs to be replaced you can always call in a reliable locksmith and get it made, while you are still able to operate that particular door with the master key and your operations or activities are in no way interrupted. There is however the inconvenience of having to get hold of the master key until such time as the new key is ready.