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Do you want to secure your door with a lock that’s more modern compared to a traditional lock and key or deadbolt mechanism? If yes, Long Island 24/7 Locksmith is here to offer you magnetic door lock system installation & repair service that can keep your property safe. Now

What is a Magnetic Door Lock System?

Magnetic door locks consist of two parts: first, the mounting mechanisms, and second, a few wires. We install both parts on the door and the frame. This enables the magnetic sides to face each other. Our locksmith will install the case on the frame of the door. He will then connect the lock with the wires to pass electricity to the magnet. These wires go along the walls to the dedicated power supply. 

We use magnetic door locks that come with a fail-safe mechanism. This means the magnet will only operate when it gets power supply. The two halves of the lock remain attached together to keep the door locked. When you trigger the lock, it cuts the power to unlock the door.

We believe that fail-safe locks are best for emergency routes. Whenever there is a blackout and you want to go out, the magnet will remain activated. You can open the door without the help of electricity. That’s why most offices use magnetic door locks on the front doors.

Long Island 24_7 Locksmith Magnetic Door Lock System Installation & Repair Service in Long Island, NY


1. No more spending on key cutting

New employees may come and go in your office. This means every time you hire a new employee, you need to spend on duplicate keys. Moreover, if you already have a high-end locking system, you may need to pay a significant amount for rekeying. Sometimes you may want to change the entire system once an employee leaves your company. The whole process is not only expensive but also time-consuming. 

But you can save a lot of money by installing a magnetic door lock. You can provide your employees with cards and fobs instead of giving them new keys. Even if an employee leaves the company, you can give the same card to another worker.

2. Low risks of lost keys

Be it your home or office, lost keys can cause immediate panic. What if someone finds the key and gets into your property? With magnetic door locks, you don’t have such risks. Even if someone loses the magnetic card, you can tell the system administrator to disable it. If anyone finds the card, he wouldn’t be able to swipe in as the magnetic strip won’t work. 

3. Check swipe times

Magnetic door locks also record the number of swipes per card. This provides valuable data for each employee and their attendance time. You can check which employee swiped in first and who the last to leave the office was.

4. Long-lasting

Unlike a deadbolt or traditional lock and key, a magnetic door lock system lasts longer. They don’t deteriorate over time or due to regular wear and tear. Some of them can even last for decades. 

5. Safe to use

As already mentioned, magnetic door locks work on a fail-safe mechanism. This means if there is a power cut, the lock will disengage automatically. It can prove to be a matter of life and death if there is a fire in the building. Although mechanical locks come with safety features, magnetic locks work faster, allowing people to escape from the building quickly.

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Installation Process

Our locksmiths start by drilling holes in the door and the wall where they will install the lock. This helps in screwing the lock and running the wires inside the wall and connecting them to a permanent power source. After drilling the holes, the locksmith will mount the brackets so that they can hold the lock and wires in one place. Once he connects the wires, it’s time to test the lock.

Testing is very essential for any installation process. We don’t leave your property without testing the magnetic lock. The locksmith will bring a magnetic card with him to test whether it is working. He will ask you to test the lock so that you know how to operate it. Apart from testing it, he will also explain the process of how to activate and deactivate the magnetic cards.

Why Choose Us?

Long Island 24/7 Locksmith focuses only on delivering high-quality locksmith services in Long Island, NY. We believe in maintaining our reputation before thinking of making money. Our team of locksmiths work 24/7 to ensure that your property remains safe and secure. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider hiring us:

• Ease of installation – We are experts at installing any type of lock that comes our way. Whether it is a magnetic door lock or a deadbolt, you can count on us for quick installations.

• Affordable services – We understand the value of security both in your house and in your office. That doesn’t mean we should make the most of your insecurity and charge an exorbitant amount for our services. You can compare our prices with other companies before hiring us.

• 24/7 availability – We don’t look at our watches if there’s an emergency. Our job is to keep your property safe. It doesn’t matter whether it is 3 am or 12 pm, we are just a call away from reaching your location.

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