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There are many places and situations where having a door closer is essential. It means that as people enter and exit, the door will close behind them. Without a door closer, the door will remain open. Anyone who is in a hurry will just exit or enter quickly and not even think about closing the door. Here, we’ll take a look at some things to consider when searching for door closers repair service in Long Island.


When Might You Need A Door Closer Installed or Repaired

It is common to find this type of mechanism on business doors. There are quite a few homes, villas, and apartments that lack this mechanism, and for that reason, there is no practical way to adjust how fast the door closes or to set it to close automatically. In a business, even if there is one, it gets used so often that it may develop mechanical issues. In either of these situations, it could be necessary to either install a new unit or to have the existing one repaired.

Some of the common areas that you will find this type of mechanism installed on a door include commercial lobbies, hotels, restaurants, and security rooms. It’s also found in back access entrance ways and cafeterias and is sometimes installed for safety purposes or for dust control. It is often very helpful even on residential home doors because it can prevent the door from closing too hard and slamming and it can help the door close automatically without effort.

Door Closers Repair Long Island


How Long Does A Door Closers Repair take?

It is not particularly difficult to repair a door closer if it is broken or has stopped functioning properly. In fact, a professional can come out and take care of it in a couple of hours in most cases. Some doors that have a door closer installed might become noisy. This means every time the door is opened and closed, it creates a lot of unpleasant noise.

Other problems that might arise include the door closer failing to maintain the right speed when the door is closing. This might be due to an oil leak or a hydraulic problem. Depending on the problem, it might be best to repair it or you may need to replace it. If you live in an area where the door is exposed to a lot of sun or if there’s a lot of sand or dust then this can cause the door closer to wear out. Sometimes maintaining it and greasing it can help it last longer and work better.


What Options Are Available For Door Closers Repair Service in Long Island?

To fix a door closer it may be necessary to remove the cover. How to do so will vary and it will depend on the maker. It really isn’t recommended that a layperson try this because you’ll need to know how to repair the hydraulics. This is why you should call on a professional company such as us at Long Island 24/7 Locksmith. We are a family-owned business that serves the community and can provide this type of professional door closers repair service in Long Island.

If you have a medium-duty door, the door closer should be rated for 80 kg or 175lbs. If it’s a heavy-duty door then you’ll need one rated for 110 kg or about 245lbs. It’s necessary to take off the cover that’s found on the top in some cases and make an adjustment in the screws to change the speed at which it closes.


Door Closers Can Make The Door Easier To Open And Close

Another repair that might be needed is to adjust the spring. If the door closer has a system that allows the spring to be adjusted then it can help the door open and close more easily. Furthermore, it will regulate the speed at which the door closes which means that it won’t slam. A door closer that functions properly will make things more comfortable and more secure.


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