Affordable Commercial Doors, Locks Hardware Installation & Repair Service in Long Island 

We are a 24/7 locksmith based in Long Island. We offer affordable services for those who have lost their keys or are otherwise locked out of a commercial or residential property. Our services include commercial doors, locks hardware installation and repair, key copying, and more.


Commercial Doors, Locks Hardware Installation And Repair When You Need It

We take pride in offering round the clock service. We aim to have a 15 minute response time and serve all of Long Island. If you are faced with a lock-related issue we will arrive at your property immediately.

We offer competitive pricing and aim to have a long, ongoing relationship with all our clients. If you use our installation service and have issues later, just give us a call.

Whether an employee has lost their keys and you need to change your locks, or you’re locked out and need access immediately, if you save our number (631) 596-0505 in your phone we will do our best to help you.



Professional Security Services

With commercial properties, in particular, it is not a good idea to try to do lock-related work on your own. Your door’s locks are the only thing protecting your business from would-be intruders. Security is important for residential properties too, however, commercial properties face many more challenges.

If you have a retail property, for example, then you probably have several employees who have keys. The door will get opened regularly and the property will likely be a target for thieves, especially if it is on a busy high street.

We supply only the highest quality locks and door hardware. Our installation service includes:

  • In-depth security assessments
  • Detailed testing
  • Installation by certified commercial locksmiths
  • Professional grade locks, optionally with numbered keys

All of the locks that we install are carefully selected, top quality locks that are professional standard and that are robust and secure.

We work around the clock and will provide installation when you need it. Also, we can avoid performing installations during office hours if necessary to ensure that your business operation is unaffected.

We promise high-quality control standards, and we will do everything we can to ensure that you get great value in terms of both the hardware and the service that we provide. Whether you are looking for a deadbolt, rim and mortise, cam, or euro-profile lock, we can help you. If you aren’t sure what would suit your business best then we will be able to provide you with detailed advice.


Great Value

We take pride in offering fair pricing for our commercial doors, locks hardware installation and repair services. We understand that for a small business, the cost of calling out a 24/7 locksmith can be intimidating.

Security is essential to the survival of your business and we want to make sure that you will get everything you need when you need it. We are always happy to offer advice about security and to help business owners select the best locks for their needs.


Commercial Master Key Systems

Our master key systems can be particularly valuable for growing businesses, allowing the business owners and managers to have a single master key that opens the locks for the whole business, while individual employees can have restricted access to specific doors only.


Our master key system is ideal for bigger buildings, or for buildings where you are leaving sections or floors accessible to third parties and want to give those tenants easy freedom of movement within their floor. Master keys reduce the stress and hassle of managing multiple keys. Call us today on (631) 596-0505 to learn more.

We can design and install master key systems, and we can also help with key-specific locks for individual doors that belong to the master key system. We recommend you use master keys sparingly and that if there is a key to a large number of doors you should keep it in a secure place with access restricted to only high-level authorized persons. Note that if the master key goes missing, all locks in the system will need to be replaced.


Call Us Today for a No-Obligation Consultation

Whether you are renovating your property or looking to invest in a new business installation, we can help with your security plans and improvements. Just give us a call at (631) 596-0505 today!