Broken Key Extractions Long Island - What To Do When Your Key Breaks Off

You stand there and stare at your car door in complete disbelief. How could the key have broken off in the lock leaving you stranded in a New York parking lot? What are you going to do now?

Broked your key? Don't worry, We are here to help!

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Before you panic, broken key extractions Long Island services is one of our specialties.

It happens more frequently than you can imagine. Everyday people have keys break off in locks in their cars, homes, and offices. It is not something you can wait to have taken care of for a few reasons.

If you need help this minute, call (631) 596-0505, and we will get one of our licensed locksmiths on the way to you right away.

Increased Theft Risk

Obviously, you could call a cab, go home, get a spare key, and come back to unlock the other door and drive the car home. While you’re gone, someone could attempt to unlock your car with the broken off key and steal the contents, or maybe even steal your car.

The problem can be even worse if it is your office or home door. A broken off key is an invitation for thieves to break into your building and empty it of valuables.

A better choice is to call us. Our broken key extraction process will get the key out, make you a new key, and have you on the way quickly. We won’t leave you stranded. We provide an incredibly fast 15 minute response time.

Late Night Key Disasters

What if your key breaks off at 2 AM when your shift ends? It doesn’t matter. We provide 24-hour emergency service. You get the same quick response time from our dispatchers and a locksmith will be at your car shortly. We recognize that is the worst time to be locked out of your car and your stress level is running high. We are prepared to help.

We recommend you wait inside until you see our clearly marked vehicle arrive. We are concerned for your safety.

We are a family owned and licensed locksmith business. We understand you need to get the problem fixed fast so you can get back to your family and back to living.

Fast, Affordable, and Reliable

We can guess your second fear. How much is this going to cost? We keep our prices affordable. You are already stressed by the problem, there is no reason for you to be stressed by high locksmith costs, too.

Our broken key extractions Long Island services are reasonably priced and we get the job done fast. Our entire team is very reliable. They show up when you expect, get the job done fast and professionally. We clean up after ourselves, too. We won’t leave a mess at your car, home, or office.

If you have broken a key off in your car, home, or office, give us a call at (631) 596-0505 now. Our dispatcher is ready to get a locksmith on the way to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.