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Access control is all about enforcing security and allowing authorized individuals to access specific areas or perform specific tasks. This is the main concept behind access control systems. They are typically used in business premises, large buildings, and institutions that host numerous individuals. If you are looking to secure your business or building in Long Island, access control systems are the way to go. Long Island 24/7 Locksmith offers quality and affordable access control installation & repair service. We help businesses and companies in Long Island install, manage, and repair their access control systems. They provide a high level of security, flexibility, and convenience.



What Are Access Control Systems?

They are powerful security systems that are used in large buildings, business premises, institutions, and organizations. They provide an easy, flexible, and cost-effective way of regulating access to specific areas, rooms, and sections of a building. Individuals working in a business, company, or organization typically require authorization to get into certain crucial rooms. Crucial rooms that hold important documents, paperwork, inventory, and other valuable resources must be kept safe and secure at all times. Failure to adequately secure these rooms can lead to disastrous security breaches, loss of valuable items, and other unfortunate consequences. Installing high-quality access control systems can enable business owners and company managers to monitor, safeguard, and control access to valuable resources within their buildings.




Benefits of Access Control Systems

1. They are effective in safeguarding critical spaces and environments. They are used to smartly mitigate security threats and other issues that may threaten the safety and security of valuable resources within a business or company.


2. In the event of a security breach, they alert the relevant managers and security personnel through prompt alarm notifications. Once an alarm is sounded, managers and business owners can proceed to take necessary steps to safeguard the effected rooms or areas within their premises.


3. They are easy to install. They can be installed quickly ensuring that no time is wasted. Time is an important resource for businesses, organizations, and companies. Access control systems can help reduce the amount of time required to access certain parts of a building.


4. They help businesses save on paperwork and records. Access records are automatically stored in a digital database and can be referred to any time. Employees in a company or organization can be monitored and different employees can be given different security clearances for maximum convenience.


5. They provide a flexible way to access different environments and spaces in a building.



Types of Controls Do We Use

Long Island 24/7 Locksmith offers quality and affordable access control systems installation and repair. We install these systems using 3 main types of controls:

1. Physical Controls

We install physical controls that provide security and access to personal computers and other crucial hardware. They can be linked to a person or other systems. Physical controls give authority to a supervisor to manage access to valuable resources within an organization. Some of the ones we install include locks, alarms, lighting, biometric systems, and many others.


2. Logical Controls

These kinds of controls are employed to regulate access to systems for users who do not have authorization. It limits and protects the number of available resources. Logical controls are sometimes called technical controls. Some of the ones that are used in our access control systems include access control lists (ACL), Firewalls, Smart cards, Encryption Software, routers, and many others.


3. Administrative Controls

Administrative controls are typically handled by company managers and administrators. Proper security awareness, structures, planning are required to implement them. We help businesses and companies create strong access policies and procedures. Administrative controls help ensure integrity and smooth-running in an organization. Some of the ones that we include in our service are investigations, job rotations, access testing, and many others.



Bio-metrics are some of the best-selling types of access control systems. They are effective in ensuring network security, home security, and business security. Traditional methods of securing valuable resources in a company or organization usually pose a lot of problems. Newer technologies are much more effective, convenient, and flexible. Access control systems provide new ways and opportunities to protect, safeguard, and secure valuable resources.

Businesses must acknowledge and appreciate the crucial role access control systems play in securing and facilitating their day-to-day operations. Token-based and smart card access control systems are key to keeping the organization secure. Bio-metrics systems have become very popular mainly because they make personnel authorization and authentication easy, fast, and effective. When using bio-metrics access control systems, you don’t need to carry keys or memorize passwords. Employees are identified based on their unique characteristics and personal traits. Different employees can be granted varying security clearances.


Advantages of Bio-metric Access Control Systems

User Friendly

They are very easy to use. High-tech devices are used to make access control easy and convenient. Anyone can use these systems and no form of special knowledge or technical expertise is required.


Audit Trail

Bio-metrics make it easy to track and audit the number and kind of people who access particular resources. A clear, accurate, and reliable audit trail is left every time an individual accesses a particular area or resource in the company.


Superior Security

Bio-metrics offer the best form of security for crucial installation in businesses and companies.


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